Dermaplaning is the perfect treatment for anyone who is passionate about retaining a naturally glowing, flawless complexion

This professional medical-grade exfoliation treatment has been practiced by Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Practitioners, and Cosmetic Therapists since the early 90’s, and until lately had been one of the industry’s best-kept beauty secrets!

The Benefits-

- Reveals healthier, brighter more radiant skin

-Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation

-Increased absorption of skincare products

-Immediately Smooths skin texture

-Minimizes the appearance of pores

-Natural treatment with no downtime

-Removes unwanted facial hair

-Treatment time only 45 mins

-Primes the skin for further more invasive treatments.

-Can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or combined with a chemical peel and/LED light therapy to further enhance and maximize results. 



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